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2019-11-14 Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412 Meeting 3001 Minutes

November 14, 2019

Minutes for Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412 Meeting 3001, Thursday 14 November 2019



Congratulate our TMOD,               Herman Raybon

With the theme,                              “Essential Negotiation Strategies”

Guest: Welcome to Ms Sarah Geist, 2nd time guest!

Welcome new, returning, member- Aundrea Veney!!!

Club Business:

  1. Available TLIs to attend : 7 December at George Mason 9am-3pm.

If you are an officer or plan to be one for the period January to June 2020, you can take the TLIs early.

  1. District 27 will hold its Spring Conference on 1 and 2 May 2020 at the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City, VA.

Reminder that the Club International Speech and Evaluation Contests will need to be held early March.

  1. A slate of Officers will be elected for the January – June 2020. Are you ready to take on a new position?
  2. Holiday Meeting – Thursday 19 December, 7:30am, PLCC


SPEAKER 1 Aundrea Veney, “You’re Your Worth”

Level 1, Pathways, Speech 1

Speech Evaluator: Kim Winborne


Speaker 2, Lillian Wilkinson, “My Journey”

Level 1, Pathways, Speech 3, Evaluation and Feedback

Speech Evaluator: Bert Romero


Meeting Roles:


Presiding Officer- Lillian Wilkinson

Opening- Herman Raybon

Toastmaster of the Day- Herman Raybon

Ah Counter- Sarah Geist

Grammarian- Sarah Geist

Word of the Day – Carl Sabath — with the word ASSIDUOUS, an adjective meaning constant, persistent

Timer- Bert Romero

Ballot Counter – Lillian Wilkinson

Listener- Aundrea Veney, stumped the stars today!

Tip of the Day – Herman Raybon, thanks to Andrea Clark, use simple words to remember your opening, body and closing points in your speech.


Table Topics Master- Jerrick Alexander

Table Topics Speakers – Kim Winborne, Carl Sabath, Sarah Geist


Master Evaluator- Carl Sabath

Closer- Herman Raybon


Best Speaker – Lillian Wilkinson!!!

Best Table Topics Speaker – Sarah Geist!!!

Best Evaluator – Kim Winborne, Bert Romero — tied!!!


TMOD Schedule November 2019

21 November: Kim Winborne

05 December – Elizabeth Femrite


**Be prepared to participate; fill a role.

***Contact Elizabeth Femrite for future TMOD opportunities!


It’s a Great Day to be a Helmsmen Toastmaster! Happy Speaking!


Carl Sabath for


Andrea Clark

Secretary, Helmsmen Toastmasters

Club: 2412, Area 11, Division A, District 27


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