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2019-09-26 Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412 Meeting 2994 Minutes

October 20, 2019

Fellow Helmsmen

Minutes for Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412 Meeting 2994, Thursday September 26, 2019

Congratulate our TMOD, Carl Sabath
With the theme, “Tips to Growing Your Superpowers”

Club Business:
1. Membership Dues Paid: We thank all of you who have paid and hope our remaining folks will renew their membership!
Dues can be paid to Herman Raybon and Carl Sabath.
2. Membership:
– Flyers: Put flyers in places we can put flyers
— Suggestion made to assign persons specific locations to fill and re-stock flyers, etc., on a monthly basis. Which office can you supply with flyers?
– Display ribbons and pins on your desk if you can
– Meetup: Herman Raybon will research getting Meetup for the Pentagon Clubs as a way to advertise. Expected costs of $72 per year
3. Division Fall Contest announced October 22nd. But we need to help our Area 11 Director Kim Winborne put on an Area 11 Contest…more to follow.
4. Talk to your co-workers to see if they would like to improve their communication and leadership skills.

Meeting Roles:
Sgt at Arms – Jerrick Alexander
Presiding Officer- Carl Sabath
Opening- Carl Sabath
Toastmaster of the Day- Carl Sabath
Tip of the Day- Carl Sabath — Talent tips from Daniel Coyle
Ah Counter- Carl Sabath
Grammarian- Carl Sabath
Timer- Herman Raybon
Listener- Herman Raybon
Ballot Counter- N/A
Word of the Day- Jerrick Alexander – “Acrimonous”, an adjective meaning harsh, biting
Table Topics Master- Carl Sabath
Master Evaluator- Herman Raybon

Speaker- Jerrick Alexander, Pathways, Speech 1, ice breaker – “Red Pill or Blue Pill”

Speech Evaluator – Herman Raybon

Closing – Carl Sabath

Best Speaker – Jerrick Alexander!!
Best Table Topics Tied – Herman Raybon and Jerrick Alexander!!
Best Evaluator – Carl Sabath!!

TMOD Schedule October 3rd – TBD per Lillian Wilkinson

Carl Sabath for Andrea Clark
Secretary, Helmsmen Toastmasters
Club: 2412, Area 11, Division A, District 27

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