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2019-09-19 Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412 Meeting 2993 Minutes

September 20, 2019

adam President,
Fellow Helmsmen,

Please see below the minutes for Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412 Meeting 2993, Thursday September 19, 2019.

Congratulate our TMOD, Herman Raybon
With the theme, “Wacky September Days”

At today’s TM meeting, Herman listed many events– many of them “wacky”– that occur during September, e.g., Baby Safety Month, National Indoor Plant Week, and National Butterscotch Pudding Day.

Guest: None.

Club Business:
1. Membership Dues Paid: Helmsmen TM met the International TM standard to be considered a renewed club. But don’t stop paying those dues!
2. Membership:
– Flyers: Put flyers in places we can put flyers
— Suggestion made to assign persons specific locations to fill and re-stock flyers, etc., on a monthly basis. Example: Keep DEERS office well-supplied
– Display ribbons and pins on your desk if you can
– Meetup: Herman Raybon will research getting Meetup for the Pentagon Clubs as a way to advertise. Expected costs of $72 per year
3. This fall there will only be a division fall contest (November/December timeframe, to be announced).

Meeting Roles:
Presiding Officer- Carl Sabath
Opening- Herman Raybon (“Pick Up in the Rain”)
Toastmaster of the Day- Herman Raybon
Tip of the Day- Herman Raybon: Evaluation tips taken from the International Newsletter featuring the Crystal Clear TM Club. Use “I” statements to communicate what the evaluator observed versus “You” statements, which can imply “judgment”. Provide three suggestions and a compliment.
Ah Counter- Kim Winborne
Grammarian- Kim Winborne
Timer- Andrea Clark
Listener- Herman Raybon
Ballot Counter- Carl Sabath
Word of the Day- Andrea Clark: “Condign”, which means fit, deserved, merited. “The judge issued a condign, life sentence to the shooter.”
Table Topics Master- Carl Sabath: Questions based upon “Time to Process”
Master Evaluator- Kim Winborne
Speaker- No speaker
Speech Evaluator – N/A
Closer- Herman Raybon

Congrats, Andrea Clark for being our Best Table Topics Speaker!

TMOD Schedule Sep 2019
26 Sep Kim Winborne

Kim Winborne will be the TMoD on 26 September 2019. Please let Kim know which role you will fill.

Andrea Clark
Secretary, Helmsmen Toastmasters
Club: 2412, Area 11, Division A, District 27

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