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2019-01-31 Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412 Meeting 2961 Minutes

February 1, 2019

Minutes for Meeting 2961, Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412, Thursday January 31, 2019

Welcome Guest Simone Jenkins!

Congratulate Andrea Clark as the TMOD with the theme “A Rainy Night in DC/How Big and Sturdy is Your Umbrella”.

Carl Sabath called the meeting to order.

1. Reminder that the officers should complete training by the end of February.
2. Club Contest will be February 21 with a make-up day of be February 28th.
3. Area Contest is March 14.
4. Division Contest is April 4th.
5. District Contest is May 3rd and 4th.
6. Executive meeting was held on January 30th.
7. Please use the new Agenda template.
8. Herman Raybon will be the TMoD for next week’s meeting.

Andrea Clark was our Opener. Quote by Dave Ramsey: Life Happens, Get Your Money Ready.

Kim Winborne gave Word of the Day, “de facto”, meaning in fact, in reality.

Guest Simone Jenkins was our Ah-Counter.

Carl Sabath was our Grammarian and our Listener.

Kim Winborne was our Ballot Counter.

Forte Ward was our Timer.

Andrea Clark gave the Tip of the Day.

Congratulate Speaker 1, Lillian Wilkinson “I Am Not Afraid”
Advanced Communication Manual Humorously Speaking #5 – The Humorous Speech (5:00-7:00 min)
Evaluated by Forte Ward

Andrea Clark was our Table Topics Master.
Table Topics Speakers were: Kim Winborne, Simone Jenkins, Carl Sabath, and Forte Ward.

Congratulate Best Table Topics Speaker: Simone Jenkins!

Kim Winborne was our Master Evaluator.

Andrea Clark gave the Closing.

Happy Speaking!!
Kim Winborne
Helmsmen Toastmaster

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