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2019-01-24 Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412 Meeting 2960 Minutes

January 25, 2019

Minutes for Meeting 2960, Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412, Thursday January 24, 2019

Congratulate Kelly Craft as the TMOD with the theme “Think, Key, Speak”.

Carl Sabbath called the meeting to order.

1. Carl Sabath reminded us that the officer should complete training by the end of February.
2. Carl Sabath reminded us that our Club Contest will be February 21 with a make-up day of be February 28th.
3. Carl Sabath reminded us that the Area Contest is March 14 and the Division Contest is March 28th.
4. Carl Sabath reminded us that our executive meeting is January 30th.
5. District Conference and Contests will be held May 3rd and May 4th.
6. Andrea Clark will be the TMoD for next week’s meeting.

Herman Raybon was our opener.

Andrea Clark gave Word of the Day, “truculent”, meaning aggressively hostile, cruel, fierce, savagely brutal.

Herman Raybon was our Ah-Counter and Grammarian.

Kim Winborne was our Listener

Carl Sabath was our Ballot Counter.

Carl Sabath was our Timer.

Andrea Clark gave the Tip of the Day.

Speaker 1, Andrea Clark “Results of DoD’s FY18 Financial Audit”
Advanced Communication Manual Technical Presentations #4 – Presenting a Technical Paper (10:00-12:00 min)
Evaluated by Herman Raybon

Kelly Craft was our Table Topics Master.
Table Topics Speakers were: Herman Raybon, Carl Sabath, and Kim Winborne.

Herman Raybon was our Master Evaluator.

Congratulate Best Table Topics Speaker Kim Winborne!

Happy Speaking!!
Kim Winborne
Helmsmen Toastmaster

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