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2015-12-10 Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412 Meeting 2811 Minutes

December 10, 2015

Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412, Meeting 2811, December 10, 2015 Minutes

Please congratulate Herman Raybon, DTM, as TM of the Day with his theme – “Random Acts of Kindness”


1. The Holiday Party is December 17th, and it will be held in 2D1063 (Jerrick Alexander’s workplace phone 703-697-0153). Please do not go to the PLCC on 17 Dec 15, instead go to 2D1063 for the TM Holiday festivities. Contact Nekisha Tate as she will be hosting the event as the TMoD, and she needs to fill some roles.

Additionally, we will have a gift exchange (white elephant/yankee swap) and invite you to participate by bringing a gift/regift (not to exceed $15). I’ve attached Nekisha’s email (attached) with more details of the event. We hope to see you at the festivities next Thursday and guests are welcome to attend!

2. Importance – High! We need to have our slate of officers by Dec 17. Please think about running for an office by talking to the current office holder about expectations of the position. Toastmasters Leadership Institute training will be held in January 2016. Please contact Forté Ward and other officers if you wish to gain some officer experience. Training is free.

For newer members, it’s important to develop your leadership and serve for a 6 month period in one of the officer positions to get leadership credit 🙂

President – Forte Ward
VP Education – It could be you!
VP Membership – Kimberly Pollard
VP Public Relations – It could be you!
Secretary – It could be you!
Treasurer – It could be you!
Sgt at Arms – It could be you!

Future meetings:

17 Dec 2015 – Nekisha Tate ***** Holiday Party meeting.*****
24/31 Dec 2015 — Holiday Break
07 Jan 2016 – TMoD needed
14 Jan 2016 – TMoD needed

3) President Forte Ward conducted the member induction Daniel Galarza, our newest Helmsmen TM member! Welcome aboard, Daniel!


Forte’ Ward, President

Opening, Carl Sabath,
Lao Tzu — “Kindness in words creates confidence, kindness in thinking creates profoundness, kindness in giving creates love”

Herman Raybon, TM of the Day — “Random Acts of Kindness” was his theme

Word of the Day, Elizabeth Femrite with GENIAL – adjective meaning cheerful, amicable.

Grammarian & Ah Counter was Kim Winborne

Listener, Carl Sabath

Timer, Jerrick Alexander

Ballot Counter, Elizabeth Femrite

Tip of the Day – Lillian Wilkinson- see tips for office party conversation in the December issue of Toastmasters magazine.

Speaker 1: Daniel Galarza, “Spread Your Wings”, Competent Communicator manual, Objective: Ice Breaker

Evaluated by Kim Winborne

Speaker 2: Bert Romero, “Win Win”, Advanced Communicator Manual: Interpersonal Communications, Project 2,The Successful Negotiator

Evaluated by Travis Herbranson

Table Topics Master — Forte Ward

Table Topics speakers were Elizabeth Femrite, LillianWilkinson, Carl Sabath

Master Evaluator – Lilian Wilkinson

Closing — Carl Sabath
From Leo Buscaglia “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest
Compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around”
+ + +

Best Table Topic speaker was Elizabeth Femrite!

Best Evaluator was Travis Herbranson!

Best Speaker was Daniel Galarza!

Reminder, you may still be on the “Hot Seat” for last minute changes. Things change often, so when you are ready to give your speech, let the TM of the Day know even if you are not scheduled. We can always fit you in! You can get credit for being Toastmaster of the Day, Evaluator, and Table Topics Master, Timer, and many of the other duties. During or immediately following the meeting, ask your fellow Toastmaster to provide a small evaluation in your leadership book.

Distinguished Club Program — The more we do as individuals, the more goals our Club achieves. If you go to Club Central and go to Distinguished Club Program (DCP) reports, you can view the latest status of the goals for Helmsmen Toastmasters Club

Happy Speaking! We are Toastmasters!

Carl Sabath for Secretary Kimberly Pollard

Fellow Helmsmen,

Our December 17th meeting will be our last meeting of 2015 and more importantly, this will also be our Christmas celebration!! This will be a “meeting” full of FUN!! There will be snacks and refreshments, a few games and a gift exchange. Here are the Rules of Engagement for the gift exchange:

White Elephant/ Yankee Swap Gift Exchange

1. Each participant will bring one gift.
2. Gifts will not exceed $15 in value.
3. All gifts must be in an envelope, wrapped or in a bag.
4. Numbers will be pulled to determine the order in which each participant
will pick gifts.
5. The participant that pulls the number “1” will choose and reveal the
first gift. The next participant will choose to either steal the first
participant’s gift or open a new gift . If the first participant’s gift is
stolen; the participant will then choose an unwrapped gift.
6. Gifts are “dead” after 3 exchanges. The gift will be kept by the forth
7. The gift exchange ends when the last gift is revealed.

Also, the following roles are available:

Word of the Day
Listener/Quiz Master
Tip of the Day
Master Evaluator

Please let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you all there!


Nekisha Tate

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