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2013-09-26 Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412 Meeting 2706 Minutes

September 27, 2013

Minutes for Meeting 2706, Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412, Thursday,
September 26, 2013.

Welcome guests Shawn Dillahunt, James Pluta, David Pham and Kristen Harrell.
We hope you’ll join our club.

Welcome our newest member Luke Lisell, inducted into the Helmsmen
Toastmasters Club today!


1. Dues Reminder! Carl Sabath, club Treasurer, gave a “heads-up” that he
will be sending an email to begin dues collection for the next six month
period (Sep-Mar). He is being assisted in this effort by Elizabeth Femrite,
Herman Raybon and Annette Sanks. Please make contact with any of them to
remit your payment. We need to complete on-time dues submission by the end
of September but no need to wait. Thank you for those who have already

2. Area 11 Fall Toastmasters Contest! Herman Raybon, Area Governor will
preside over the Area Fall Contest tonight, Thursday, September 26, 2013
from 5:30pm to 8:30pm, in the Bloomberg
BNA building located on 1801 South Bell St., Arlington, VA 22202 (Across
from the Crystal City Metro, with “Bloomberg” signage on top of the
building). The competition will include Humorous
Speeches and Table Topic Speeches. Additionally, there will be food and
beverages available. Each attendee is respectfully encourage/asked to
donate $5 to cover costs associated with the food.

3. VP Education encourages Helmsmen to use speak easy to request speech,
confirm attendance and confirm roles. A “Checkmark” means you have
confirmed your role in easyspeak…where is you checkmark? Try it


Damien Butler was our Presiding Officer!

Elizabeth Femrite was our Opener!

Toastmaster of the Day was Annika L’Ecuyer with the theme “Music”!

Jill Shanteau was our Wordsmith with the Word of the Day — “Copacetic”
fine; completely satisfactory; OK.

Luke Lisell was our Grammarian!

Carl Sabath was our Ah-Counter!

Annette Sanks was our Timer!

Kristen Harrell was our Listener!

John Harms was our Ballot Counter!

Annette Sanks was our Tipster

Annika L’Ecuyer was our Closer!

Kevin Koppel was our Table Topics Master!

Lillian Wilkerson was our Master Evaluator!

Congratulate Yash Sinha, Speaker 1, with his speech, “Accepting an Award”,
Special Occasion Speeches #5. Evaluated by Damien Butler

Congratulate Ryan Harrell, Speaker 2, with his speech, “Smart Travel Tips”,
–CC Manual Using Visual Aid, Project 8, Evaluated by Jill Shanteau.

Congratulate Herman Raybon, Jr., Speaker 3, with his speech, “Accepting an
Award”, Special Occasion Speeches #5, Evaluated by Carlton Hart.

Congratulate our Table Topic Speakers: Jill Shanteau, James Pluta and
Kristen Harrell.

Best Speaker was Herman Raybon, Jr!!

Best Evaluator was Jill Shanteau!!

Best Table Topics Speaker was Kristen Harrell!!

Great Helmsmen say, “Yes!”


Remember that you can always be on the “Hot Seat” for last minute changes.

Things change often, so when you are ready to give your speech, let the TM
of the Day know even if you are not scheduled. We can always fit you in!

You can get credit for being Toastmaster of the Day, Evaluator, Table Topics
Master, Timer and many of the other duties. During or immediately following
the meeting, ask your fellow Toastmaster to provide a small evaluation in
your leadership book.

Distinguished Club Program – The more we do as Individuals, the more goals
our Club achieves. If you go to Club Central and go to Distinguished Club
Program (DCP) reports, you can view the latest status of the goals for
Helmsmen Toastmasters Club

Did you know that our Helmsmen Toastmasters Meeting Minutes are on line at Check it out!

Happy Speaking! We are Toastmasters!

Annette M. Sanks
Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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