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2013-06-13 Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412 Meeting 2692 Minutes

June 13, 2013

Hello Toastmasters!

Minutes for Meeting 2692, Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412, Thursday, June 13, 2013.

Congratulations and welcome to our newest Helmsmen Toastmaster, Ryan Harrell!

Welcome to our guest, Carmita Cooke! We hope you will consider joining our Club!

HAPPY 238th Birthday to the Soldiers, families and civilians of the United States Army! “America’s Army: Service to the Nation, Strength for the Future.”


1. Our President, Lillian Wilkinson announced that PENTAF Toastmasters Club requested to participate in our July 11, 2013 meeting. The request was considered and approved by the Helmsmen Executive Committee.

2. Our VP-Education, Mike Quashne announced that he will likely not be our esteemed VP-E much longer; he will be leaving the country in September. The search is on for a new VP-E. Mike also made an appeal for members to use Easy Speak when confirming roles or requesting speech slots. A check mark means you have confirmed your role in Easy Speak……where is your check mark?
– It’s easy, see the attached guide and try it here…………

3. Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) provides a free training curriculum that is required for all Toastmasters Club Officers. Of course, any member with an interest in leadership can attend these sessions for free as well! Although we are in District 27, you can attend any of the other District’s training sessions noted in the attached TLI document. See the attachment for upcoming training opportunities.

4. Royce Edington will be Toastmaster of the Day next week, Thursday, June 20, 2013. We will meet at 7:30am in room B3 of the Pentagon Library and Conference Center.



Lillian Wilkinson was Presiding Officer!

Bert Romero was our Opener!

Stephanie Pettway was Toastmaster of the Day with the theme, “Dealing with Life’s Uncertainty.”

Annika L’Ecuyer was Wordsmith with the Word of the Day — “Travail” – Painfully difficult or burdensome work; toil.

Lillian Wilkinson was our Grammarian!

Carl Sabath was our Ah-Counter!

Carlos Arzeno was our Timer!

Carmita Cooke was our Listener!

Amy Hunt was our Ballot Counter!

Carlos Arzeno was our Tipster!

Dan Krall was our Table Topics Master!

Jill Shanteau was our Master Evaluator!

Congratulate Royce Edington, Speaker 1, with his speech, “For the Want of a Feather,” Project 3 – The Moral of the Story from The Storytelling Manual of the AC Series, Evaluated by Mike Quashne.

Congratulate John Harms, Speaker 2, with his speech, “Comparability,” Project 9 in the CC Manual, Evaluated by Elizabeth Femrite.

Congratulate Herman Raybon, Speaker 3, with his speech, “Tragedy and Triumph,” Project 4 – Read Out Loud from The Entertaining Speaker Manual of the AC Series, Evaluated by Annette Sanks.

Table Topics speakers were Katie Dawson, Elizabeth Femrite, Scott Battle and Ryan Harrell.

Best Speaker was John Harms!

Best Evaluator was a tie between Mike Quashne and Annette Sanks!

Best Table Topics Speaker was Annika L’Ecuyer!

Bert Romero was our Closer!

Great Helmsmen say “Yes!”


Remember that you can always be on the “Hot Seat” for last minute changes.

Things change often, so when you are ready to give your speech, let the TM of the Day know even if you are not scheduled. We can always fit you in!

You can get credit for being Toastmaster of the Day, Evaluator, Table Topics Master, Timer and many of the other duties. During or immediately following the meeting, ask your fellow Toastmaster to provide a small evaluation in your leadership book.

Distinguished Club Program – The more we do as Individuals, the more goals our Club achieves. If you go to Club Central and go to Distinguished Club Program (DCP) reports, you can view the latest status of the goals for Helmsmen Toastmasters club

Did you know that our Helmsmen Toastmasters Meeting Minutes are on line at Check it out!

Happy Speaking! We are Toastmasters!

Herman Raybon, Jr.
Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412


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