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2013-05-09 Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412 Meeting 2687 Minutes

May 13, 2013

Hello Toastmasters!

Minutes for Meeting 2687, Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412, Thursday, May 9,

Welcome guest Anthony “AMP” Harrell, and Cassie Duong. We hope you will
consider joining our Club!

Congratulations Katie Dawson! Katie was inducted into Helmsmen Toastmasters
Club today and Amy Hunt, her mentor, was present to affirm the Toastmasters
commitment to learn, communicate, and Lead for personal growth.


1. Welcome Cassie Duong ( from the PENTAF
Toastmasters club, which meets the first and third Thursdays at noon
(1200-1300 hrs) each month in the Pentagon Library and Conference Center.
PENTAF is sponsoring a Speech-A-Thon at noon on Thursday May 16, 2013 and
invited us to participate as speakers, evaluators, or other roles to meet
the special format Toastmasters event. Lillian Wilkinson our club President
has accepted the role as Toastmaster of the Day for the PENTAF
Speech-A-Thon. A Speech-A-Thon is a Toastmasters format to give many
speakers an opportunity to deliver a prepare speech and get credit for the
speech as well as give evaluators an opportunity to evaluate a speech and
get credit for the evaluation, and all within one hour. Make sure to bring
your CC or AC books to get credit for your role. The regularly scheduled
Helmsmen Toastmasters meeting on Thursday, May 16, 2013 will be held at our
normal time 7:30-8:45 a.m. in Room B1, in the PLCC.

2. Congratulations! Carlos Arzeno for taking 1st Place in the District
Evaluation Contest. The District level is the highest level of competition
for the evaluation contest event. Carlos exhibited his superb evaluation
skills among a group of five finalist. Bravo!

3. Congratulations! Mike Quashne for placing as one of the six finalists in
the District-level International Speech Contest. The competition was
well-matched and the speeches were outstanding. Kudos to Mike for delivered
an outstanding speech!

(The winner, from Five-Star Toastmasters club here in the Pentagon, will
complete at the International Convention in Cincinnati Ohio in August 2013.
For more information about the Convention go to, and use
the pull-down menu “2013 Convention” on the menu bar.)

4. Mike Quashne, VP Education handed-out “How To Book a Speech” (see
attached PDF.) The step-by-step guide will help you navigate East Speak to
book your speeches. Our club uses Easy Speak as a planning, management, and
tracking system. This system requires more input on the part of the user,
and helps you to take full advantage of your Toastmasters experience. Users
like you can use the system to indicate whether you will or will not be
attending future meetings, volunteer, accept, and reject roles, and even
schedule future speeches. New systems can be intimidating, so attached is a
guide, which gives the basic information on completing the actions required
of members. With the help of this system, Helmsmen Toastmasters will run
exceedingly smoothly and your educational achievements will be tracked with
pinpoint precision. Please take a look at the guide, log into the system,
and take some time to look around, Mike Quashne promises, “You can’t break
anything that can’t be fixed!”

NOTE: When following the section entitled “Book a Speech”, the process
enters a ‘request’ to speak; it does not automatically schedule you. The
VP-E or TMOD will sort through requests and schedule accordingly.

5. There will be a Membership Drive later this month. More information
will be provided at next Toastmasters meeting.

6. Toastmaster of the Day next Thursday, May 16, 2013 is TBD. If someone
wants to take the TMoD role, please contact Mike Quashne or Lillian
Wilkinson. We will meet at 7:30am in room B7 of the Pentagon Library and
Conference Center.



Lillian Wilkinson was Presiding Officer!

Lillian Wilkinson was Opener!

Carl Sabath was Toastmaster of the Day with the theme, “Mothers Day.”

Mike Quashne was Wordsmith with the Word of the Day — “Schism” – A Break or

Elizabeth Femrite was our Grammarian!

Katie Dawson was our Ah-Counter!

Carlos Arzeno was our Timer!

Carlton Hart was our Listener!

John Durish was our Ballot Counter!

John Harms was our Table Topics Master!

Herman Raybon, Jr. was our Master Evaluator!

Congratulate Bert Romero, Speaker 1, with his speech, “Heroes”, Specialty
Speeches project #1, an Advanced Communicator manual, Evaluated by Kevin

Congratulate Scott Battle, Speaker 2, with his speech, “Recycling and Asking
Our Wasteful Selves to Please Leave!” Project #3 Get to the Point in the CC
manual, Evaluated by Royce Edington.

Congratulate Yash Sinha, Speaker 3, with his speech, “Everyone is
Important,” Entertainment Speech project #5 an Advanced Communicator manual,
evaluated by Amy Hunt.

Table Topics speakers were Cassie Duong, Anthony “AMP” Harrell, and Sandrina

Mike Quashne was our Closer!

Best Speaker was tied by Bert Romero and Scott Battle!

Best Evaluator was Royce Edington!

Best Table Topics Speaker was Anthony “AMP” Harrell!

Great Helmsmen say “Yes!”


Remember that you can always be on the “Hot Seat” for last minute changes.

Things change often, so when you are ready to give your speech, let the TM
of the Day know even if you are not scheduled. We can always fit you in!

You can get credit for being Toastmaster of the Day, Evaluator, Table Topics
Master, Timer and many of the other duties. During or immediately following
the meeting, ask your fellow Toastmaster to provide a small evaluation in
your leadership book.

Distinguished Club Program – The more we do as Individuals, the more goals
our Club achieves. If you go to Club Central and go to Distinguished Club
Program (DCP) reports, you can view the latest status of the goals for
Helmsmen Toastmasters club

Did you know that our Helmsmen Toastmasters Meeting Minutes are on line at Check it out!

Happy Speaking! We are Toastmasters!

Herman Raybon, Jr.
Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412

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