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2012-02-09 Helmsmen Toastmasters Club Meeting 2624 Minutes

February 14, 2012



Minutes for Meeting 2624, Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412, February 9, 2012







Opening:  Jim Adams President


Club Business: There was no club specific business, but we were paid a visit

by the Area Governor, Curt Hellenbrand.  Curt congratulated us on our

success as we move closer to President’s Distinguish Award.  He also

discussed  opportunities in leadership roles at the District level for next

upcoming term.


1) Contests are coming, Contests are coming.  Every spring, we hold the International Speech and Evaluation contests which start at the club level and go to the Area, Division, District and to the International level at the Toastmasters International Convention.  The Area Contests have been scheduled for March 28. 


The Club Contest date has been set for March 1st with the alternate date set as March 8th.  The Club contests are held during club meeting time and would be in lieu of regular meetings.  International speech contestants should have given 6 speeches by the contest date.  As for the Evaluation contests,  all members in good standing (dues paid) are eligible to compete.


There are opportunities to receive credit for speech and leadership activities!  Speech participants will get book evaluations and speech credit.  Those who participate as Contestmasters also get credit.  Of course there will also be opportunities for judges, timers, ballot counters, sergeant at arms and a Model speaker (the speech used for the evaluation contest)


2) Distinguished Club Program.  This is the program where clubs are judged as to how well they are carrying out the TM goals for educational and leadership awards, officer training, membership, dues and paper/online administrivia.  Our club is doing a fantastic job and has already met 9 of 10 goals (President’s Distinguished) however we will not stop there!  We want to make sure everyone is in line to meet his/her speaking and leadership goals, from newest members through most experienced ones!


3) Dues are coming.  Initial notices for renewing members will be sent out mid-February.


4) New website coming mid-February.


5) Next week’s Toastmaster of the Day will be Mike Santivasci.



We had another great session this past week:


1.  Jennifer Mitchell step on the playing field and gave her “Ice Breaker”

speech about her years growing up.  She did an excellent job. Her evaluator was Carl Sabath


2.  Forté Ward gave his 2nd speech from the CTM manual about “Why Do We

Watch the Game?”  Evaluated by Bert Romero.


3.  Mike Santivasci gave his 6th speech from the CTM manual about his boot

camp days and how it made him a Marine/person. His Evaluator was Herman Raybon.



4.  Mike (Santivasci) facilitated Table Topics during this session.


5.  Due to time constraints we did an abbreviated evaluation report (i.e.

speech evaluations only).


6.  Guest of the day: Tami Kim


===========Today’s Players were as follows ====================


TMOD:  Mike Quashne with his theme “Pets!”


Opening: Carl Sabath


Word of the Day:  David Farquharson


Grammarian:  Herman Raybon


AH-Counter:  Tami Kim


Listener:  Jennifer Mitchell


Ballot Counter:  Jim Adams


Tip of the Day:  Bert Romero


Prepared Speech: Best Speaker Award — Congratulate Jennifer Mitchell with

Her Ice Breaker Speech “Growing Up”


Best Evaluator went to Herman Raybon


Best Table Topics went to Herman Raybon


Table Topics Master:  Mike Santivasci


Best Table Topic Speaker:  Herman Raybon


Master Evaluator:  Jim Adams


Closing:  Carl Sabath


“Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

        – C. Coolidge




Forté D. Ward


703-692-7959 (DSN: 222-7959)






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