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2012-01-26 Helmsmen Toastmasters Meeting 2622 Minutes

January 29, 2012

Hello All,

Winter Pastimes! Elizabeth did a great job as the TMOD and gave us a good snap shot of things we like about Winter. We had no guests at our session this week.

The speakers:
1. Herman (Raybon) spoke about “Leadership Traits” (Project 3, Competent Communicator);

2. Jim (Adams) spoke about “Curtis LeMay: Belligerent Brilliance”

(Project 2, “Speak In Praise”, Special Occasion Speeches Manual;
3. Bert (Romero) spoke about “Make Your Life Easier”.

Each speech was insightful, educational, and fun. All speakers did a great job.

Mike (Santivasci) was the TTM and did an excellent job keeping everyone on their toes.
Lillian (Wilkinson) conducted ME and gave a good snap shot of the overall TM session.

Others participating were:

Opening – Jennifer Mitchell

Word of the Day – “EUPHEMISM” – Carlton Hart

Grammarian/Ah Counter – Jennifer Mitchell

Timer and Ballot Counter – Steve Hill

Listener – Mary Johnson

Tip of the Day – Forte Ward

Evaluator 1 (for Herman) – Carlton Hart

Evaluator 2 (for Jim) – Carl Sabath

Evaluator 3 (for Bert) – Mike Quashne

Table Topics Speakers were Mike Quashne, Forte Ward, Mary Johnson

Best Speaker was Herman Raybon

Best Table topics Speaker was Forte Ward

Best Evaluator was Mike Quashne

Closing was done by Elizabeth Femrite

We had a great session this week. I will be TDY next.

Forté D. Ward

703-692-7959 (DSN: 222-7959)

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