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2012-01-12 Helmsmen Toastmasters Meeting 2620 Minutes

January 15, 2012

2012-01-12 Helmsmen Toastmasters Meeting 2620 Minutes

Hello All,

We had another great Helmsmen Toastmasters Meeting on 12 January.  During
the meeting attendees found out some great news.  Congratulations are in
order.  Our very own Club President, Jim Adams, has made it to the next
Colonel (select) promotion list in the United States Marine Corps.  Please
reach out to Jim and give him a sincere hand shake or hug on his
accomplishment.  Great job, Jim!

The speeches were excellent.  Lillian Wilkinson’s CC Speech #6, “The Order
of Relativity,” described the various nuances of coping and raising the four
categories (i.e. only, oldest, middle, and youngest) of a child’s growth
order.  Mike Quashne’s CC Speech #9, “Take Control of Your TM Advancement,”
touched on the reasons why club members should maximize their opportunities
during Toastmasters meetings.  Again, both speeches illuminated some truths
we all could relate and challenged us to search for better solution sets.
Herman Raybon pulled everyone else into the fold with Table Topics.  He
asked, “What was your first________?”  It was fun coming up with a succinct
colorful illustration speech and staying within the 2-minute timeline.

Business: 3 out of 7 officers have attended training for the Jan-Jun period.
We need 4 officers to attend to meet another TM goal for our club.  Next
week TMOD (19 Jan 12) is Herman Raybon.  We will use room M4 thru the end of

Presiding Officer:  Bert Romero
Opening:  Forté Ward and Sheila Hewyard-Snipes
TMOD: Carlton Hart
WOTD/Grammarian:  Mary Johnson with imperative
Ah-Counter/Listener:  Jennifer Mitchell
Timer/Ballot Counter:  Elizabeth Femrite
Tip of the Day:  Forté Ward

Speech 1:  Lillian Wilkinson
Evaluator 1:  Sheila Hewyard-Snipes

Speech 2:  Michael Quashne – Best Speaker award
Evaluator 2:  Bert Romero – Best Evaluator award

Table Topics Master:  Herman Raybon Jr.
Table Topics Speakers:  Sheila Hewyard-Snipes=Best Table Topics speaker,
Mary Johnson, Jennifer Mitchell, Forte Ward

Master Evaluator:  Forte Ward
Closing:  Bert Romero

Thank you.

Forté D. Ward

703-692-7959 (DSN: 222-7959)

“Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”
– C. Coolidge

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE


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