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2012-01-05 Helmsmen Toastmasters Meeting 2619 Minutes

January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!!!  It was sincerely good to see all of our members and
guests.  I hope we accomplish our goals and achieve greatness in 2012.  It is going to be a great year, but it really all depends on your approach and motivation.

Helmsmen President, Jim Adams conducted an induction ceremony for the
following: Jennifer Mitchell, Toni Pride, and Steve Hill.  Welcome aboard.

Earl White gave a briefing from the Toastmaster Success/Leadership Series on “How to Conduct Productive Meetings”
and achieved his DTM recognition.  Well deserved and earned.  Great job,

Bert Romero conducted an impromptu Table Topics session and speakers were Saby Martinez, Ben Finkelstein Dvija Malovic and Jennifer Mitchell.

Bert Romero also provided the Opening and Elizabeth Femrite provided the closing.

Jim Adams jumped in as the timer.

We had two guests: Saby Martinez and Ben
Finkelstein.  Please come back and consider joining our club.  Overall, it
was a good session.  The club is what we make of it.

1. Jim Adams
2. Elizabeth Femrite
3. Carlton Hart
4. Dvija Malovic
5. Jennifer Mitchell
6. Toni Pride
7. Michael Quashne
8. Herman Raybon
9. Bert Romero
10. Carl Sabath
11. Forté Ward
12. Earl White
13. Lillian Wilkerson

1. Ben Finkelstein
2. Saby Martinez

Helmsmen TM Secretary


Forté D. Ward
Chemical / MEB Organizational Integrator (OI)
Room: 2A332, 400 Army Pentagon, VA 20310
703-692-7959 (DSN: 222-7959)


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