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2010-10-21 Helmsmen TM Membership Drive Contest!

October 22, 2010

What: Helmsmen Toastmasters is having a membership drive contest
Who: The contest is for members of Helmsmen Toastmasters
How: In order to win, be a Helmsmen Toastmaster and get one contest
point for each of your guests’ initial attendance at a Helmsmen
Toastmaster Meeting held on Thursday mornings
When: Starting at the next meeting, 28 Oct 2010 until 16 December 2010

Qualification: Only the first time a new person whom you invited
attends a Thursday Toastmaster meeting will count. Persons responding
to news or bulletin notices do not count toward the contest count.

Prize: 2-3 prizes based upon the response. One prize will be a
motivational book, for example, inspirational quotes

Tally: Each meeting, please provide information to Andrea Clark
concerning your guest’s initial visit. Andrea (or other officer if
Andrea is not there), as a part of each meeting’s business, will address
the contest.

Why not a contest for getting the most people to join Helmsmen
Toastmasters? Well, just let folks experience Helmsmen Toastmasters,
and they will want to come back and join such a dynamic and fun group.
People will have such a good experience, that they’ll help spread the
news about How Good It Is To Be A Helmsmen Toastmaster!

Andrea Clark

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