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2010-09-16 Helmsmen Toastmasters Meeting 2559 Minutes

September 16, 2010

2010-09-16 Helmsmen Toastmasters Meeting 2559 Minutes


Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2010 10:33 AM
Subject: Helmsmen TM 2559 Meeting Notes (U)

Congratulations all!

We had 3 guests:

Mary Barajas
Duane Durant
Huichi Skinner

We hope you enjoyed the meeting and will decide to join our club!

Congratulations to Earl White on earning his Advanced Communicator Silver Award!
–This means that Goal 3 has been completed for the Club in the
Distinguished Club Program!

Congratulate Kim Humes for putting the program together!

‘Viva Las Vegas’ was her theme!

Opening was provided by Rochelle Unrue
and Closing was provided by Terry Bartholomew

Word of the Day: VIVA was provided by Matthew Unrue

Grammarian / Ah Counter was: Terry Bartholomew

Listener was Andrea Clark

Timer was Mike Santivasci

Ballot Counter was Samuel Unrue

Tip: Begin your speech with Mr./Madam Toastmaster, Fellow Helmsmen and
Guests or have it
Very close to the beginning.

End your speech with Madam/Mr. Toastmaster

Table Topics Master was Bert Romero

Speakers today were

Kevin Unrue, Speech 1, ” I Don’t Know”

Trudie Root, Speech 5, ” Try Something New”

Congratulations to Trudie — she is halfway toward her Competent
Communicator Award!!!

Master Evaluator was Carl Sabath

Evaluators were Andrea Clark and Mike Santivasci

Best Speaker was Kevin Unrue!!!!!

Best Evaluator was Mike Santivasci!!!!!

Best Table Topic Speaker was Mary Barajas !!!!!

Business from President Bert Romero:

Viva Helmsmen!

initially expected.

This will give everyone a chance to get a humorous speech together!

Remember the Club pays the contest winners’ cost of the Area Contest!

Plan to participate – hopefully as a contestant in one or both contests and
also as Possibly Sgt at Arms, Timer, Ballot Counter, Contestmaster, or

As discussed, contests will be held during normal meeting time/location.
Speech contestants will get manual credit for their speeches.
Speeches are to be between 4.5 and 7.5 minutes maximum. Table Topics must
be 1-2.5 minutes maximum.

Leadership opportunities exist for being contestmaster or helping to run the

Area A1 Contest: Friday, October 15 at Aurora Hills Recreation Center, 735 S.Hayes St, Arlington, VA — down the street from Macy’s across from the Pentagon. Time 6-9pm

Division A Contest: Thursday, October 28 at Aurora Hills Recreation Center, 735 S.Hayes St, Arlington, VA — down the street from Macy’s across from the Pentagon. Time: 6-9pm

District 27 Conference: Saturday, November 13, full day of conference and goodies including the District 27 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests.

2. Next week’s TM of the Day will be announced shortly. We will be in Room M-3.

3. Dues is Due in September! Renewing members pay $36 for the next 6 months. Those planning to join as new members, pay $62 for September 2010 – March 2011. Cash or check payable to Helmsmen Toastmasters are accepted.

Semiannual dues are due, required by Toastmasters International. The club also gets a portion of it to pay for ribbons, pins, ballots, other
educational programs. The dues covers your TM magazine subscription as well. To meet our goals, we need to submit payment so it arrives there by 30 September. So please plan to pay your dues by 23 September, our club contest date.

We thank those who have already paid!

4. Reminder, please be courteous to our TM of the Day and let him/her
Know how you can help or that you won’t be able to make it. Great Helmsmen
say “YES!”

5. Duty Schedule sign up and how it works. We have a spreadsheet that goes around at the meeting to indicate what role you would like to perform at each meeting. The schedule goes out 4-8 weeks. Most importantly, we’d like you to let us know when you can give your next speech. Help us plan and schedule our upcoming meetings. New members join and we need to incorporate them into the
schedule. As you can see, flexibility is the norm.

6. Things change often so when you are ready to give your speech let the TM of the Day know even if you aren’t “scheduled.” We can probably fit you in.

7. Mentors and Mentees – Let us know who you would like to be mentored by or be a mentor to. The TM education program and meetings have a lot to learn from and sometimes we need help with a speech, understanding the TM education program or have questions about how club meetings are run….so let us know.

8. Why not work on your leadership and speech awards simultaneously? Don’t forget to bring in your Speaker and Leadership manuals. You can get credit for being Toastmaster of the Day, Evaluator, Table Topicsmaster, Timer and many of the other duties. Right after the meeting or during the meeting, ask your fellow Toastmaster to provide a small evaluation in your leadership book.

We will try to provide a list of duties you have done since January or since you joined and We can catch you up in your Competent Leadership Manual. (A couple of you have already asked and will be provided with the list of duties you have performed at previous meetings.)

9. Distinguished Club Program – The More We Do as Individuals, the More Goals Our Club Gets!

President Bert Romero challenges us to complete our individual goals:

Goal 1 — 2 folks complete their Competent Communicator manuals

Goal 2 — 2 more CC’s completed

Goal 3 — 1 Advanced Communicator Award completed

Goal 4 — 1 more AC Award completed

Goal 5 — 1 Competent Leader, Advanced Leader or Distinguished TM Award

Goal 6 — 1 more CL, AL or DTM completed

Goal 7 — 4 new members join

Goal 8 — 4 more new members join

Goal 9 — Officers are trained at both Summer and Winter TLI training

Goal 10 — New Club Officer Lists are handed in on time and Dues submitted to TM Int’l on time.

Distinguished Club Program:

Earn 5 Goals – Club is Distinguished

Earn 7 Goals – Club is Select Distinguished

Earn 9 Goals – Club is President’s Distinguished

8. Guests (Past, Current, Future)

Happy Speaking!


Carl Sabath
Treasurer, Helmsmen Toastmasters Club 2412, Area A1,
Division A, District 27
work email:
home email:
work: 703-695-2804


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