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2010-02-04 Helmsmen Toastmasters Meeting 2528 Notes

February 4, 2010

2010-02-04 Helmsmen Toastmasters Meeting 2528 Notes


Hi All,

Congratulations on another special meeting!

Our theme today was “Ground Hog Day”.
Word of the day was: FINICAL

We had 3 guests today. Thank you Tanasha Hardy, Travious Goines and
Gary Szabo for attending. We are so glad you came and hope we will see you next week!

Better Speaker: Matthew Hall
Better Evaluator: Earl White
Best Table Topics Speaker: Gary Szabo

Andrea Clark and Matthew Hall gave their Ice Breaker Speeches. Carl Sabath and Earl White, respectively evaluated.

Word of the Day and Opening/Closing thoughts were presented by Carl Sabath.

Grammarian/Ah Counter and Tip of the Day were provided by Michael Santivasci

Katrina Patillo provided our Timing.

Tips for Improvement:

1. When Toastmaster of the Day, let your helpers help you. Have them each stand up and introduce the Word of the Day, Listener, Grammarian/Ah Counter, Timer, etc. duties. That way they have a chance to speak and solidify their understanding of the duties.

2. When table topics master, remember even if we have guests, please call on a member first so that guests understand the idea of what table topics is. Travious did a great job today and really rose to the occasion! Other guests may have been a little more fearful of being thrown into the table topics’ fray without an introduction.


1. Next meeting is February 11. Carl Sabath will be the TM of the
Day. We will be in Room B-5.

2. Today with our schedule of duties listing, I passed around our
current status in the Distinguished Club Program that I spoke about last
week. Currently, we have met 5 of the 10 goals. Already we are a
Distinguished Club for 2009-2010 year. Let’s keep it up — maybe we can become Select or President’s Distinguished.

Congratulations, Everyone!

3. Marketing – I passed out our Flyer today. Please feel free to make
copies of it and pass it out to as many folks as you can. This helps us get new members. The club is more energetic with more members. More members bring in more ideas! Also if you have an intranet on which you can advertise the club, please do so.

Happy Speaking!


Carl Sabath
Vice President – Public Relations, Helmsmen Toastmasters
Club 2412, Area 1, Division A, District 27
work email:
home email:
work: 703-695-2804


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