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2009-04-23 Helmsmen Toastmasters Meeting 2489 Notes

April 23, 2009

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Good morning again!

Competent Communicator Tiffany Daniel led our meeting today — What YOU DO

We had 2 speeches today by Terrell Harris and Royce Edington!

Best Speaker:  Terrell Harris
Best Evaluator: Carl Sabath
Best Table Topics Speaker:  Dwight Simmons

We had 2 guests today:  Dwight Simmons and Noah Sabath!

TM Next week is Royce Edington!

Thank you Bert for setup of the room and supplying the doughnuts!


1.  May 2nd,  District 27 Conference will be held at GM University.  Hope
you can make some part or all of it.  Craig Valentine, a World Champion of
Public Speaking will be there.  District Evaluation and International Speech
contests will take place.

1A. District News:  There also has been great expansion of TM so much so
that we will be part of the vote to expand TM International from  7 to 10
Regions worldwide.  Also in District 27,  we will be voting to expand from
6 to 10 divisions as part of a yearly reorganization.

2.  Pentagon Membership Drive.  May 6.  Invite friends, co-workers to come
by our booth at the 9/10 breezeway area.  Also please volunteer to
participate some time between 8am and 3pm.  It could be for 15 min, 30 min
or 1 hr.  This will be a team effort with Pentaf and 5-Star TM clubs.

3.  Club Leadership opportunities.  Every 6 months, we try to give members
new opportunities to lead the club.  There are 7 officers who help make the
club better.  Opportunities are knocking….

4.  Tiffany Daniel reminds us….  Please bring in your Leadership Manual so
you can get credit toward the Competent Leader award!  Any previous agendas
you have will help us do some catch up.

5.  Public Relations.  We are doing a lot of advertising in Pentagram and
other papers online and in print.  Please remember to ask a friend to the

Happy Speaking!

Carl E. Sabath
Database Administration Team Lead
Enterprise Applications
OSD CIO Current Operations

Phone:  703-699-3785 (DSN 499)
Fax :   703-602-0994


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