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2008-05-29 Helmsmen Toastmasters Club Meeting 2445 Minutes

May 29, 2008

2008-05-29 Helmsmen Toastmasters Club Meeting 2445 Minutes

In Attendance:  Bert Romero, Tajuanda Carter, William Roberts, Dennis Buxton, Kim Humes, Linda Campbell

Subject: Helmsmen Toastmasters Club Mtg 2445

We had a good first meeting back in the Pentagon after nearly 7 years!

Tajuanda and Dennis, it was great having you as our Guests.

The Theme was Celebration

Word of the Day:    profuse

Bert Romero gave a speech about Toastmasters and Bill Roberts gave a
“Presenting an Award” speech

Best Table Topic Speaker:    Kim Humes
Best Speaker:                    Bill Roberts

Bert and Bill:            Tied for Best Evaluator

Dennis indicated he would officially join Helmsmen at the next meeting.

Tajuanda,  we hope you will join us too.  If you have questions about
membership or about the Toastmasters program, let me know.  Membership is
$44 for now through September.  In September, all members pay for the next 6
months, $36.  For this you have the meetings and all sorts of speaking and
leadership opportunities.  You get the Basic Manual where you work on your
speeches and speech objectives.  You also get the Toastmasters Magazine

Meanwhile,  Dennis, if you wish you can give your “Ice Breaker” speech next
week, that would be great.  This is a 4-6 minute speech where you talk about
yourself (i.e., goals, life, dreams, etc.)

If you wish to give a speech next week (Kim or Kathleen or Linda) let me
know.  Bill,  please let 5-Star members know they have an extra place to
meet their speech goals.

We will also need a Toastmaster for next week (or maybe Bert will take this

Other business:  We may have to contribute $5 per week for breakfast if the
club would like to have the coffee, tea and water.  Today, the pastry was
put out courtesy of the service worker.  We can discuss this at the meeting.

Thank you all for your help and participation today.


Carl E. Sabath
email:  carl.sabath@osd.milil

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